Erol is the Captain of the Krimson Guard and a minor antagonist in the Interference series.


Erol was the commander of the Krimzon Guard and arrested Jak upon his arrival to Haven City. After one of the guards notice Alex's strange appearance, Erol ordered them to capture him. He then spent the next two years helping Baron Praxis experiment on Jak and others during the Dark Warrior Program. While all the other test subjects were killed instantly, only Jak and Alex survived the experiment, albeit changing their appearance.

At some point in the two-year time skip, Erol met Keira Hagai, a race mechanic working at the Mar Memorial Stadium. Keira had no knowledge of Erol's role in Jak's capture, and she believed that he was the best racer in the city, although Alex forgot to mention about what Erol did to Jak.


Erol is an averagely tall human male, with orange-red hair, dark yellow eyes, and fair skin. He wears facial tattoos compulsory to the Krimzon Guard, and wears a KG commander's uniform—a gray suit with yellow trim along with shoulder plates, a chest plate, and various straps and holsters. He also wears a face mask with a very daunting appearance, having red eyes and slits in the metal near his mouth, however, he usually keeps his mask rotated on top of his head and flips it down as is necessary. On his left shoulder plate is a Krimzon Guard coat of arms, with his right shoulder plate reading "commander" in Precursor text.


Erol is highly egotistical, and, to an extent, enjoys other people's suffering, and benefits from a healthy life as Praxis' right-hand man, not caring what he has to do to keep it. Erol has a short temper, making him quick to anger, and he does not tolerate losing.


  • Jak II (2003)
  • Daxter (2006)