Keira Hagai is the genius daughter of Samos Hagai, and a friend and love interest of Jak and Daxter. Originally from the past, she, Samos, Jak, and Daxter were all sent two hundred years into the future, into the world of Haven City.



She is a confident and outgoing young lady, who is extremely intelligent. She is also diligent, and for the last two years has focused on building the Rift Rider, determined to return back to her own time, while also working full-time as a mechanic. She is proud of and cares deeply for her projects (having even been accused once of caring for the Zoomer over Jak, the rider, despite this hardly being true). Being interrupted by strangers while working can leave her annoyed, and it takes a decent racing skill in order to impress her.


Keira is a slightly short teenage girl with light skin and an hourglass build. Her hair is blue, fading to green, and pulled back under her long ears, and her eyes are green. She wears a light purple crop top and purple trousers with suspenders, as well as brown vambraces and boots. She hangs her goggles around her neck when they are not in use, and wears arm wraps and straps around her knees.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Keira is a talented inventor, having created multiple pieces of technology in the past that were developed and became standard use in Haven City two hundred years later. Her main focus is vehicles, in particular, the Zoomer, which now populates Haven's streets. Her project over the course of Jak IIs story, the Rift Rider, reveals that she either possesses an eidetic memory, is able to improvise upon understanding the basic construction or purpose of a vehicle, or both, as she only came into contact with the machine a few times and saw it demonstrate its abilities once.

Source gamesEdit

  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, 2001
  • Jak II, 2003