The Interference IV, Book 2: Dark Wastelander

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Vital statistics
FFDN link
Publishing date 14th June 2017
Last update Ongoing
Universes featured Haven City (main setting)
Main character Alexander Karsath
Jak and Daxter
Number of Chapters 2
To Chapter 1: The Interference IV, Book 1: Dark Renegade

The Interference IV, Book 2: Dark Wastelander is the second part of the fourth entry in the Interference series. It continues the story of Alexander's fourth Interference into Haven City, and how events are not going as planned.


The adventure in Haven City gets more complicated as friends old and new join the fight, enemies become begrudging allies, and darkness turns against other darkness. The life of the Interference hangs in the balance, and no one knows what his ultimate fate will be. Meanwhile, ripple effects are changing the story of Dream Drop Distance.

Major Plot PointsEdit

  • Keira meets Lucca and the latter explains how she might help with her time-machine.
  • Jinx meets Goofy and brings him to the Underground.
  • Aqua meet Pecker and Onin and they explain to her how important Alexander is to the worlds.

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